The Job Search Process

There are steps you can follow to really make your job search process more effective and efficient. Here is the Jobspeaker guide to a better organized job search.

Set your job search goal ›

To properly approach your job search you have to set your job search goal

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Set your job search goal

‹ Set your job search strategy

Decide how you are going to run your job search

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Set your job search strategy

Target companies ›

Target a list of 5-10 companies where you'd like to work, then start your research

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Target companies

‹ Approaching companies

Approach companies to find out how/where you might fit in their organiztion

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Approaching companies

Contact the hiring manager ›

At this stage you are ready to speak wit hthe hiring manager about a role within his/her group

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Contact the hiring manager

‹ A great interview

The interview is where you have an opportunity to show your ability, you personality and passion

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A great interview

The job offer ›

It's now your turn to decide if this job is right for you - does it fit your goal?

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The job offer